pursUance: Straight Out of the Box

pursUance: Straight Out of the Box

Host Taniki Richard explores everyday issues with her guests from a positive life perspective giving insight, fashion tips and inspiration to business minded viewers.

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pursUance: Straight Out of the Box
  • pursUance Out of the Box Ep. 1 Community Confidence

    Taniki sits down with guest, Sergeant Carol Adams of the Richmond, Virginia Police Department to discuss how to build and maintain a positive relationship between law enforcement and citizens.

  • PSOTB Ep. 2 Community Change

    Taniki continues the conversation from episode one about the relationship of minority male citizens and police officers from with her husband, Co-Founder of JT Inspire and, USMC Master Sergeant, Brandon Richard.

  • PSOTB Ep.3 Sexually Abused & Thriving

    Taniki has a deep discussion with Creator of Ladies in Waiting, Michelle Mills, about the trauma from sexual abuse and how to move beyond just living with being sexually abused into forgiveness and life-giving purpose.

  • PSOTB Ep. 4 Leaders Serving Others

    Taniki speaks to Fashion Line Creator of MJ Fashions, Michele.Robinson about going through tough personal adversity, and taking on many roles in business while still being able to serve others and take on new ventures.

  • PSOTB Ep. 5 Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans

    Taniki talks with Founder of Veterans Home Front, Antione Hines, about the stigmas that come along with the homeless community and how people may find resources to help Veterans in need

  • PSOTB Ep.6 Full Time Military Spouses Rock

    Taniki has a fun and heartwarming talk with certified Nurse and full time military spouse, Keela Reed Maxie about what it means to support a military spouse, the family hardships and benefits of serving with a military member.

  • PSOTB Ep.7 One-on-One with Taniki Session 1 Self-Evaluation/ Self-Elevation

    Taniki has a One-on-One for how to take your mind to a place that will yield positive results. Find out how you
    can change your mind and change your life! Taniki’s
    free downloadable eBook, “Three Key Principles for
    Positive Life Change” is available on ww.jtinspire.com.
    Quotes from American P...

  • PSOTB Ep.8 Writing to Heal

    Taniki speaks with Executive Creator of The Muse
    Writer’s Center, Michael Khandelwal about using
    writing to heal from trauma and create a safe space to
    sort out thoughts. Discover a new method to make a
    profit through writing.

  • PSOTB Ep. 9 One-on-One with Taniki Session 2 Reverse Negative Perspective of Self and Others

    Taniki delves into the thought process for how negative
    thoughts are created and how to take control over
    those negative thoughts through her three key
    principles for life success. Quotes from the book The
    Strangest Secret used from American Author, Earl

  • PSOTB Ep.10 One-on-One with Taniki Session 3 Vote for You

    Taniki encourages viewers to go out and vote and apply
    voting to themselves as the best candidate for the job of
    living their life amazing and well!

  • PSOTB Ep. 11 Women Who Serve

    Taniki celebrates the Marine Corps Birthday and honors
    women who served in other military branches with 20-
    year Retired Marine, Vannita Singh. Discuss the pitfalls
    of serving in the military as a woman and the benefits of
    sticking with military service.

  • PSOTB Ep. 12 Surviving an Illness with Knowledge and Fashion

    Taniki has a deep discussion with Retired Navy Veteran
    and Lupus Awareness Advocate, Chaunai McKnight
    about professional people who struggle daily with an
    illness and survive.

  • PSOTB Ep.13 Holiday Health & Fitness

    Taniki sits down with Nutrition and Fitness Coach,
    Benita Edison, to discuss how to get through the most
    difficult time of the year by eating right and staying
    focused on fitness goals.

  • PSOTB Ep. 14 Media Tips 101

    Taniki talks with Stage Performer and Author of “The
    Friend Zone Playbook”, Jarrod A. Tanner about how to
    effectively use social media to launch your brand.

  • PSOTB Ep. 15 Exclusive Fashion Show Interviews

    Taniki has exclusive interviews for the 1st Annual
    Community Fashion Show by Founders of God’s Love
    in Action, Mr. and Mrs. Irby, Prior Event Coordinator
    for Virginia Supportive Housing/Fashion Line Founder
    of MJ Fashions, Michele Robinson, and Guitarist,
    Johnnie Driggin.