Talk Business With Audrey

Talk Business With Audrey If you are thinking about starting a business or already run your own business, you will not want to miss an episode do Talk Business With Audrey. In each episode you will learn something either from Audrey or from a guest who maybe on the show about business and entrepreneurship. Get tips that you can use to up level your business and your lifestyle.

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Talk Business With Audrey
  • Collaborative Partnership

    In this episode of Talk Business With Audrey I talk about some of the things to consider if you are thinking about forming a collaborative partnership. Collabs can be great if everyone involves understand the rules and what's expected.

  • Eloisa Klementich: Doing Business With Atlanta

    Dr. Eloisa Klementich shares with us all of the exciting business opportunities that are available right now in the city of Atlanta. One such industry that is exploding and creating a ton of opportunities if the film and TV industry. In this interview she talks about the tax credits and more.

  • Tina Panariello Interview

    Tina has an eye for beauty and her gifts can be seen on hands all around the world, because she is a nail artist. Tina has parlayed her gift of making women's hands beautiful into an international business becoming a sought after speaker.

  • Chasity Melvin: Life After The WNBA

    Chasity Melvin shares with us what she had to face in the real world after spending 14 years in the WNBA as a professional basketball player. She talks about the league and life after the league.

  • Anahita McRobbie: A Bad Butt Implant Inspired Her

    Anahita had seen so many bad butt lifts and butt implants that she decided to start a business around all of the medical mishaps that these bad implants and lifts were causing women.

  • Maura Sweeny Interview

    Maura Sweeny is a person, whose just a joy to talk to. She believes in being happy and she shares with us today how to be happy most of the time.